Working at YETI provides great opportunities and allows you to connect with the community.


Executive Management Team

Genevieve Sinclair - Manager
Melanie Spencer - Senior Practioner
Robert Dollery - Finance & Administration Manager

Executive Support

Amelia Hosking - Improved Services and Quality Manager

Sarah Hoyal - Program Administrator

Malcolm Lawrence - Youth Resource Officer

Next Step Program

Derryn Knuckey - Coordinator

Nadia Rengifo - Case Worker

Alcohol & Other Drug Counselling

Stacey Anderson - Counsellor and Provisional Psychologist 

Sayoko Akamatsu - Counsellor

Troy Davidson - Counsellor

Alcohol & Other Drug Case Management

Wendy Sammons - Case Manager

Robert Allery - Case Manager

Cheyenne Purcell - Case Manager

Youth Support Day Program

Angelo Paniterri - Drop-In Coordinator

Jess Ignjic - Youth Kinnections Team Leader

Bindi Diamond - Youth Kinnections Case Manager

Cheyenne Purcell - Youth Kinnections Case Manager

DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) Program

Stacey Anderson - DBT Intake and Assessment Coordinator

Just North Volatile Solvent Misuse - Supply Reduction Project

Mandy Welfare - Just North Coordinator

Tonya Fuschtei - Supply Reduction Officer

Maria Mabo - Supply Reduction Officer

Day Program -Whats on

Open 9am - 1pm, Monday to Friday


Nurse & Health Checks (10:30-12:30pm)


Cook Up & Life Skills


Centrelink Support (10:30-12:30pm)


Group Work


Cook Up and Art