The Just North program addresses volatile substance use (VSU or commonly referred to as chroming or sniffing) and supports youth workers and other professionals working with young people across Far North Queensland and the Lower Gulf of Carpentaria.


VSU refers to the deliberate inhalation of common household and chemical products for the purpose of intoxication. The program addresses VSU through supply reduction and capacity development.

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Just North informs retailers and contractors of the problems that can be associated with inhalants. The program offers strategies for product storage, surveillance, and point of sale as well as their legal obligations. The program seeks all retailers and contractors to report theft, inhaling, and inhalant paraphernalia around their premise or area.

If you witness any issues of inhalant use in the region please contact YETI between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. The easiest way to report is using our VSU incident report form



Just North supports services and workers to build capacity regarding VSU, alcohol, and other drugs and working with at-risk and vulnerable young people through:

  • Opportunities to make links and share knowledge
  • Delivering VSU training
  • Facilitating the delivery of identified workforce training needs
  • Assistance for start-up and support interagency mechanisms
  • Collecting and tracking VSU data
  • Providing resources
  • Supporting VSU models and initiatives across the state

If you are a youth worker or work with young people in another capacity i.e. school, sport & recreation, health, emotional & social wellbeing, disability, etc. and you would like to learn more about working better together to improve young people's future please contact YETI.