Strong Together

Strong Together is a locally responsive, therapeutic crime prevention initiative that supports high risk adolescents and their families.

Strong Together represents a partnership between YETI and Queensland Youth Justice for young people aged 10-17 years old who are at risk of, or currently involved with the criminal justice system. 

The program aims to support families to: better understand adolescent development; build new skills; and strengthen existing skills so that families and young people have the knowledge and resources to self-manage and young people cease and/or reduce criminal offending.

Services include:

  • Therapeutic family case management and care team support to families and young people five days per week.
  • Individual supports to high risk young people that connect them with school, culture and community.
  • Phone supports to identified families 
  • Locally developed culturally responsive adolescent parenting resources and community initiatives (i.e., information sheets, resource handbook, parenting group etc.).

All referrals to YETI for this program come from the Cairns Youth Justice Service Centre.