About YETI

About YETI

Youth Empowered Towards Independence (YETI) is a support agency for young people aged 12-25 years old living in Far North Queensland.

YETI was established in 1995 and is a not for profit non-government organisation. YETI is overseen by a Management Committee and receives funding from both the State and Federal government.

The agency facilitates a range of programs focusing on the needs of vulnerable young people, including: a day program; case management; therapeutic counselling; outreach; and research and evaluation.

Amongst other principles, YETI particularly values cultural safety, empowerment and harm minimisation. Our service delivery approach aims to engage young people and seek their participation in our service.

YETI currently employs a multidisciplinary team of teachers, social workers, community development workers, counsellors and psychologists. We believe strongly in recruiting practitioners from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island backgrounds.

In 2014, YETI was the first organisation externally accredited in Queensland in the ISO Quality Framework ‘Standard on Culturally Secure Practice (Alcohol and Other Drug Sector)’ and were recertified in April 2020.



The RADIO program is absolutely fantastic. Our location could really benefit from an additional support worker.
Individual staff making a great effort to work with a young person's needs as they arise.
I genuinely think your team is doing a fantastic job and you should be very proud of your achievements.
You are FANTASTIC at engaging young people and continuing to partner with and advocate for young people - whatever frameworks you work with, they work - please continue to use these!
Staff I have always found to be engaging, interactive, self-motivated and all have a vested interest in the best outcomes for the referred clients under their care. I cannot speak more highly of the staff I have met and worked collaboratively with to date.

Young People

Flexible service delivery - they come to my home.
They help me at meetings and my mental health.
I like the workers, the support and the food!
I like the amount of support you get, the staff go above and beyond every day. The staff really care about your physical and mental well-being and how everything is going in your life. That they support you for a long period of time.
Thank you I appreciate everything YETI has done for me, you have actually made me think I do have a future you turned my life around and I'll never forget about you ❤
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We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their ancestors, their spirits, and their continuing connection to lands, waters, and communities. YETI recognises the sovereignty of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has never been ceded and strongly believes Voice, Truth and Treaty are necessary to heal from the injustices of colonisation.