Board of Management

YETI's Board of Management

YETI has a volunteer Board of Management that oversees YETI’s strategic direction.

YETI’s board of management provides overall governance and strategic direction.  The board of management plays a critical role in ensuring that YETI remains accountable and effective in achieving its mission and serving the needs of young people.

The board of management is responsible for a range of activities, including:

  • Developing and reviewing YETI’s strategic plan and goals
  • Overseeing the financial performance and sustainability of the organisation
  • Approving policies, procedures, and programs
  • Ensuring that the organisation complies with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Representing the organisation in the community and building relationships with stakeholders
  • Providing support and guidance to the CEO and senior staff

By having a board of management, YETI can ensure that it operates with transparency, accountability, and good governance practices. The board of management provides a valuable perspective on the needs and challenges faced by young people and ensures that YETI remains focused on delivering effective and high-quality services.


Laurel Downey

(B.Ed; M.Family Therapy; PhD. Social Work)


Vice Chair

Tegan Williams


Jane Doyle


Non Executive Members

Amanda Baron, Sally Watson


Ordinary Members

Rod Seeber, Genevieve Sinclair

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We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their ancestors, their spirits, and their continuing connection to lands, waters, and communities. YETI recognises the sovereignty of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has never been ceded and strongly believes Voice, Truth and Treaty are necessary to heal from the injustices of colonisation.