Practice Principles

Practice Principles

Our mission and guiding principles underpin service delivery at YETI.

The principles are incorporated into all aspects of service delivery and reflected in the service standards, policies and procedures.


Our Mission

Supporting the social, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of young people.


Our Principles

We make change happen. We speak up for and address the rights and needs of young people, their families, and communities. We develop their confidence and capability to do the same.

We care first. We put people at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to kindness. We make genuine connections with everyone we work with.

We step up. We pay attention to what’s needed by young people, their families, and communities and respond to make things happen.

We do whatever it takes. We’re determined and flexible. We celebrate and are sustained by every small win.

We respect everyone. We value and trust young people, their families and community, our partners, and our staff.

We work together. We partner with young people, their families, communities, and organisations. We share our strengths, know our limits and recognise the capability of others. Together, we create opportunities and achieve more.

We’re always learning. We develop our knowledge, skill, and insight from everyone we work with and everything we do. We use both our successes and our mistakes to help us improve.

We listen. We listen to young people, their families, and communities to find and create new opportunities that support their goals and remove obstacles to their success.

We deliver best practice. We’re informed, skilled and capable. We apply evidence relevant to our community.

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We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their ancestors, their spirits, and their continuing connection to lands, waters, and communities. YETI recognises the sovereignty of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has never been ceded and strongly believes Voice, Truth and Treaty are necessary to heal from the injustices of colonisation.